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Cape Grating offers chemically resistant Fibreglass Moulded and Pultruded Grating, flooring, ladders, handrails and stair treads. Fibreglass products are 65% lighter and stronger than steel, easier to handle and less expensive to install.

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Expanded Metal - Thickness & Width Expanded Metal - Size of Sheet (SWM)

Standard Sizes Available:

  • 1000 x 2440
  • 1220 x 2440
  • 1220 x 3660

Standard Thickness:

  • 25 & 30 & 38mm bearer bar depths
  • 38mm square openings c/c (31mm clear inside)


Fibreglass floor grating products generally available in Grey and Green (ISO Resin).

Other colours and sizes available on request.


Some benefits when choosing Fibreglass Floor Grating products:

  • Offers bi directional strength characteristics
  • Extremely durable over the long term.
  • Unmatched Impact Resistance.
  • Lighter (65%) and stronger than steel – easier to handle and less expensive to install.
  • Excellent Chemical, corrosion and ultra violet resistance.
  • Non-Conductive and Non Magnetic. Eliminates electrical/thermal hazards
  • Long Maintenance –Free life – cuts life cycle costs dramatically
  • Available with non slip finishes.
  • Easy to tailor for installation – no lengthy waiting periods as opposed to galvanized or stainless steel grating.
  • Can be cut on site – low installation costs.
  • Consistency in exterior and interior colour.
  • Standard sizes ex stock.
  • Has no scrap value.